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Choir expenses 

The Easter Kids’ Choir relies largely on host families for food and accommodation during its tour. However, there are various unavoidable costs, particularly air-fares, for which sponsors are urgently required.


£15 per month will cover the basic cost of housing, feeding and educating one child at School.

Sponsors are welcome to maintain direct contact with their school and receive regular updates.

Alternatively, companies, schools and other organizations may prefer to support the school project. The cost of the is at the school/orphanage Centre page.
If you would like to sponsor, please download the sponsorship form which contains the full details of how you can make a donation.

Alternatively, you can donate online. 


The cost of maintaining and developing the schools’ facilities, such as accommodation, healthcare, clean water, equipment, books etc is met largely from donations. 

DONATE TODAY- You may donate online using your PayPal account or your credit card or you can make a postal donation. 


We are lucky to have lots of unpaid helping hands, but we would always welcome more! 
If you are interested in the work we do please contact us. 
If you are interested in visiting Uganda as a volunteer, click here and you can find our more about what is involved. You can also read about volunteer’s experiences.